… this time with little Ms O, aka Sara (she’s the white heart face on the left). It had been far too long since Ana & Simon were here (back in 2018) and so much has happened since then, both in a personal and global way, for all of us. So I was delighted when Ana got in touch a while back saying they were planning a few days here in Sevilla at the end of October. Not only would I get to meet their daughter for the first time, but also Ana’s sister Renata, husband Pedro and son Antonio (white heart face upper right), plus family friend Elaine who was here visiting from Malaysia. We started off with a sherry tasting on the first evening, and the next day, after Renata and family arrived, we had a full on tapas tour. Gosh it was fun, and so great to catch up and reconnect. Now that Ana and Simon have a place on the Costa del Sol I’m hoping we won’t have to wait another four years to get together.