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shawn bread

I cannot begin to tell you how happy this made me. This place clearly didn’t realise they were dealing with a consumer rights lawyer… hahaha. Love it. So he was not only awarded the 7€ refund, the restaurant also had to pay for his legal fees. Fuck around and find out bitches! I feel so vindicated… Shawn of The Bread. We need more of this.

For the record, in Andalucía it is illegal to charge for any food item brought to the table without it having been ordered first (olives, bread, etc), and all food items have to be listed (with prices) on the menu. It is also illegal to charge for any non-food item ie “service”.

Also for the record… I seldom want bread in a tapas bar because 1) it’s usually not great bread and 2) it’s not necessary and just fills me up so I can’t enjoy other things. BUT when I want bread I am happy to order and pay for it. It’s this sneaky ILLEGAL “admission fee” charge that I refuse to pay.

You can read the article here… Restaurant In Andalucía Taken To Court For Charging For Bread