new river walk (1)

Several years ago I started doing (what were supposed to be daily) River Walks and Park Walks, usually starting off early in the morning (okay, 9-ish) and getting in something like 10,000 steps, long before Fitbit step counting became a thing. But then this and that got in the way, then cancer, then getting old, blah blah whatever… so while I have revived the River Walk in the past couple of years after Covid lockdown, it was still a patchy activity. Until now!

The main drawback with the River Walk was that, although it’s lovely to walk down along the river bank, there is virtually NO SHADE and so unless you get out there early (in my case not likely) it’s quite brutal other than in winter. And while there was also the option to walk next to the river at street level, the Paseo del Torneo had become frankly treacherous as the paving stones were all broken and buckled. Then last year the Paseo had a makeover and just this week it was finally reopened. Okay, there are still a few “bare patches” which I assume they are going to fill in with plants growing atop the various pergolas along the way. But most of it is as you see above. A lovely canopy of leafy greenness with dappled sunshine peeking through. Loving this. It inspires me to get out there.

new river walk (2)