team tostada

It was THE Sevilla Crossover Event of the Year! You may recall that I first met Mar in a tapas bar (surprise, surprise) back in October and we have become good friends since then. Lately we both came across this guy called Charlie who had embarked on an Instagram project to highlight our best (really only) breakfast, the tostada. One tostada a day for 365 days. Not only that but it would be the same order at each bar: tostada con jamón y tomate con aceite (ham with tomato and olive oil). It’s seriously impressive – check it out! TOSTADA TOWN

And so of course it had to happen. That one day the three of us would meet up for breakfast. And that day was today! Here you can see us being all incognito at Casa Moreno, our first stop of the morning, with my only complaint being… why does breakfast have to happen in the MORNING?? Even Emilio at Casa Moreno said to me “what are you doing here so early?”. After that we searched for a second breakfast stop (since it was STILL MORNING) and ended up at the classic Bar Julio César that ONLY opens for breakfast (toast) and so it was an obvious choice. And really both were great, totally old school “de toda la vida” bars with all that fabulous sevillano charm. And the company was fabulous too. Of course I always love spending time with Mar but it was great to meet a new local friend and we all hit it off, so much so that we are already talking about another tostada date soon. Stay tuned!