stay classy

Honest to fuck I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was just about tolerable when they put a big I HEART Sevilla sign at the top of the stairs below the Setas a couple of years ago but today I spotted this massive LED flashing billboard stuck up there and I dunno. It’s like every day we are losing a little bit more of our city. Apparently this sort of crass display of, well, crassness has become a bit of a global trend. I mean, you expect to see tacky flash like this in Vegas, Times Square, Tokyo etc but now it’s everywhere. Heck, massive billboards like this are now (dis)gracing the façades of churches, museums and other historic buildings across Europe and, frankly, it’s sickening. And disheartening. Because I almost wanted to hope that the promise of “sustainable tourism” would have at least been given a chance. Instead it looks like the worst is yet to come.