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mission aborted

Well fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and fuck again. It all seemed to be going so smoothly. After yesterday’s prep with the SOLUCIÓN EVACUANTE I felt ready to go and so it was off to the hospital. I was quite surprised to discover they were going to totally knock me out for the procedure (on previous occasions I was just given a light sedative). But in went the needle, in went the probe and then suddenly I was awake again. At first I thought, hey that was a piece of cake. But then I got the news. That I was going to have to do it all over again. Why? Because of “poor preparation”. I tell ya, I almost cried. But the nurse was actually lovely and when I explained that I did everything I was supposed to do, followed all the instructions, just like other times, she said that sometimes it happens.

For the record. I did the low-residue diet for three days. And on the day before the procedure I stuck to only clear liquids until the evening when I started with the dread SOLUCIÓN EVACUANTE. Five hours later that was (finally) done. I had a bit more water and went to bed. Woke up parched but wasn’t allowed to drink before the procedure so I didn’t. I’m telling you I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. So why didn’t it work this time? Honestly I felt like they were judging me, thinking I probably cheated on the diet or didn’t take all of the solution. Other than the kind nurse.

So now… I don’t know. I’ve sent an email to the oncology secretary to explain the report they will be receiving shortly. And also to ask what happens now? Not sure if they will just reschedule another colonoscopy or if I will have to go in and see the oncologist again first. I feel so deflated now. Kind nurse told me this really isn’t that unusual and most likely when I redo it they will either give me a different prep solution or have me go on liquids for 2-3 days instead of just one. Or both. None of which I am looking forward to. Has this ever happened to you?