The American Women’s Club of Seville is a non-profit organization for any English-speaking women.

The object of the Club is to:

  • promote friendliness and common interest among American and other English-speaking women in Seville;
  • to provide recreational and cultural activities for members;
  • to become acquainted with the city in which the members live as guests;
  • to participate in charities and organizations; and, finally
  • to be a support network for expatriate women of all nationalities.

The club was founded in March of 1956 when a group of American women (wives of American servicemen) residing in Seville decided that the time had arrived to establish a club primarily for the purpose of getting together once a month and comparing notes on their findings in Seville. Later, many other women who had no connection with the armed forces, were invited to join the organization. Today´s organization includes women of many nationalities who live in Seville or its surrounding areas. We enjoy a diverse membership of Americans, Canadians, Spaniards, British and other nationalities.

Today I went to my first ever lunch put on by the AWC.
You can read all about it below…

I’ve known about, and have known members of, the AWC for more than ten years but never got round to joining myself. No doubt because I’m not much of a ‘group person’ and also, back then, the price of any lunch out anywhere was more than I could afford. So I kind of forgot about it until recently, after meeting a couple of women at the gym who are AWC members. And so I decided to check it out and was invited to today’s lunch as a guest member.

Turned out that the lunch was at Aladdín, previously owned by my friend Nizar and now run by fellow Jordanian, Salem. And Salem put on a very good spread. First a light salad, then babaganoush and hummous served with warm pita bread (mmm…), followed by wonderful falafel and dolmades.  The main course was lamb or chicken kebab (or a mix of both) served with rice. Then tea and … arabic pastries! Just like the ones I always have for my birthday. But to be honest, I was so stuffed by then that I could barely manage one pastry. And sorry, once again no photos … it was just too hectic with so many people, etc, etc.

But I had a very nice time and I think I’m actually going to join the AWC. They have regular lunches like this, as well as book exchanges and several other things going on. Today I sat next to my pilates buddy and met another lovely woman who’s lived here for a couple of years, and it was like talking with old friends.

Time to expand my social horizons, methinks … 🙂