I think I’m getting better at this; started off with ‘doing my best’.

Yesterday was my second chemo session (it was supposed to be on Monday but it was rescheduled for Tuesday) and it went much better than the first one. Well, it helped that I knew more about what to expect so I could do some chemo planning beforehand, though I didn’t get everything right . . .

I had my bag packed with Pipocas’s mini dvd player, a book (more Pratchett), my iPod, and I also took all the hugs and best wishes you guys have sent me. La J and I got on the rental bikes and arrived at the hospital in plenty of time for my 1.30 appointment. I put my form in the tray, we took a seat in the waiting room for awhile and then (because the first time I’d had to wait two and a half hours to get in) I suggested that we go to the cafeteria for a sandwich. Because – and this was the bit I didn’t get right – I’d forgotten to have anything to eat before leaving home. Well, other than two cups of coffee and a couple of digestive biscuits for brekky. And then they called my name!

The plan was that La J would come with me to the hospital and wait until I was all set up in the comfy chair, and then Bosco was going to come at the end of the chemo and accompany me home. And I would keep myself occupied with a dvd, book, etc. in the meantime. Instead, I found out that the oncologist had made a mistake on my chemo pill prescription and so La J went to get that fixed and then went to the Farmacia across the street to fill the prescription for me. And then went to another farmacia, and then another, until she found one that had the pills in stock.

After she got back she told me all about her farmacia adventure and we ended up talking about … oh gosh, I don’t know. Life, the universe and everything. All the props were left unused and before I knew it I was calling Bosco to tell him that he needn’t come to pick me up because Judy was still there. I couldn’t believe how fast the time went. Must’ve been all the laughs. But possibly due to lack of food (and I couldn’t bring myself to eat one of the mystery white bread sandwiches on the food cart) I was feeling very lightheaded once it was all over. So on the way home La J and I stopped for a snack and since then I’ve just been vegging (and snacking) at home on the sofa.

My arm hurts like hell again. The oncologist told me on Monday that this is in fact a side effect from this particular chemo – something to do with the platinum. So although it’s very painful and I am ‘one-handed’ once again, at least I’m not worried about it because I know it’s a normal reaction that should be gone in 7-10 days. I also had a couple of new weird side effects. After my first drink of (room temperature) water my tongue swelled up so much I could barely speak. This went away after awhile. Then later on at home I was talking to my friend Paco on the phone and suddenly started to cry (just a little) and the tears nearly made my eyeballs pop out. Yikes. Happily this painful ‘add water and swell’ thing seems to have stopped now.

And so, a lot less fear this time round. This really made a difference. As did all the help (and extra offers of help) these past couple of weeks, including emails and donations. You all know who you are. 🙂

I can’t imagine getting through this without you. *hugs*