Pipocas dragged me out of the house yesterday afternoon for art and burgers. I wasn’t sure if I was up to it as the op was just over a week ago and I’m still in a fair bit of pain and discomfort. But as the weather forecast was calling for RAIN until next Tuesday, I thought I’d better try and get out. And it really was worth the effort. . .

First we walked down to the Plaza Nueva to see a recently installed exhibit of Rodin sculptures … it was weird to actually see The Thinker in person.  Do you get that same “is this really happening?” feeling when you see a very famous work of art up close and personal? After that we went on a mission to try and find a small duvet cover for – you guessed it – a small duvet that I was planning to use to keep warm whilst reading or watching DVDs in the living room. No luck. By this time I was getting pretty tired so we made our way back towards home through the Plaza Salvador and took in an exhibit of sculptures by Dalí. I don’t know what’s going on but the street art here has sure taken a dramatic turn for the better lately.


Then it was off to our favourite Irish pub Flaherty for a couple of burgers and a lot of talking. It didn’t seem right to have tapas without wine, but burgers & mineral water went together just fine. Finally got home after having been out for around three hours feeling totally exhausted and then had to climb the long three flights of stairs up to casa az.

Flopped into comfy chair (inherited from Dr A earlier this year) turned on the  radiator and (upside down) heater, and got cosy with (coverless) duvet and my Sunny bunny. Don’t we look warm and happy?


Thanks for a lovely afternoon, Pip!

~ more Rodin & Dalí pics ~