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Quite a full day yesterday, what with getting Loki fixed in the morning (and a haircut for me!), followed by an afternoon here with Victoria working on some social media stuff and then an evening of wine tasting. Victoria was in town for a meeting with her wine distributor and came over here afterwards. We even tried making a few short videos and zoomer will be pleased to know that this has inspired me to try editing again … we shall see. Later on we made stops at two of my favourite places – La Azotea and Puracepa. I’d previously talked to them about Victoria’s wines and they were keen to meet her and have a tasting.

We got to La Azotea a bit late and it was quite full, so Juan & Jeanine couldn’t spend much time with us, but we opened the bottles, had a few tapas to pair with each wine, and left the rest for them to sample at a more convenient time. At Puracepa we did the same but Felipo was a bit more available because, although the place was quite full when we arrived, it soon thinned out and once again we opened the wines and ordered some food to go with them. Manolo (of Málaga apartment fame) joined us there and somehow we ended up closing the joint.

We had a great time and Victoria mentioned that she might like to do this about once a month because connecting with present and prospective clients on a personal level like this is something she’s very interested in. And well, I am quite happy to source two suitable bars/restaurants, as not every place would carry such exquisite wines. And now that we’ve had a trial run I know I would be able to organise the next wine tasting day much better.

Click on the wine bottles above to find out more about them. And if you have ever tried any of them, please leave your own comment/review (it’s a new thing we’re trying out).

I love this job!  🙂

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