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Thought I’d share a cosy moment that happened this afternoon. Wish they could always get along so well, but I think the fact that it’s 12º in the apartment has something to do with the boys snuggling up like this under the sofa cover.

And the fact that I’m freezing and there’s practically a gale force wind coming in through the cracks in the balcony doors makes me think that today’s phone call from my schizoid landlord wasn’t such bad news after all. Yes, he has changed his mind – again – about renewing my contract, even though just two weeks ago he’d told me there’d be no problem giving me a new one … aargh.

So much for flipping a coin about Christmas in London, as I will now have to save every penny to move in February, plus I’ll need be here to look. I mean, I haven’t stopped looking around since I was first given notice, and I have ads of my own placed, but I liked having the option of staying if nothing better turned up. It really irks that this is happening, and it worries me too in case I get bad news in January and have to go back on chemo, or have another operation. On the other hand, having an apartment with double-glazed windows and heating/air-conditioning would be nice…