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A curious day yesterday as things got fixed, some loose ends were tied up, and other projects continued to grow. I realised when I got up and sat down at my desk in the living room just how perfect that set-up is as a work space, especially this time of year. In summer I’m sure I’ll often be bringing my laptop up to the terrace to enjoy working out in the sun and fresh air, at least in the mornings.

Things started well when the Movistar technician came back to fix the stuff he’d installed on Saturday, thus ending the awful saga of trying to get my service reconnected. He’s the same guy who put in my internet connection a couple of weeks ago and remembered me (and my cats) from the old place. Anyhow, at one point I mentioned complaining about Movistar on Twitter and he said – “Oh yes, they know about you!” – and explained how he was told to be careful with me and be extra nice. Ha. And later I got a private twitter message from Movistar asking if everything was okay and saying “if there’s anything else, you know where to find us”. So of course I told them about the iPhone 4 fiasco… still waiting to hear about that one.

Later in the afternoon I had to go and see my oncologist. At first I thought I’d have to go alone, but Nog had some time before his evening class and came with me. And when we were called into her office just 15 minutes after arriving it seemed like there’d be plenty of time to get through the appointment before Nog had to leave, but no…

When we walked in Dr Ana said “have a seat, I’ll be right back” and then didn’t return for about 45 minutes. She passed Nog leaving on her way back in. By then I was feeling quite nervous. For no real reason as I already knew the PET scan results, but I guess after hearing about Pat and Jed even that good news left me feeling like it was just a matter of time. So deciding on the next PET scan appointment was enough to get the old scanxiety going. And then something odd happened. Dr Ana and I had our very first conversation. First we talked about my results and the next scan (which will be at the end of June) and then I asked her what she thought of my case and didn’t it seem weird to her. Her reply was “yes, very weird”. Then she started asking me about my work and we somehow ended up looking at my websites on her computer and talking about the stuff I’m doing. All I could think about were all the people waiting for their appointments, but it also seemed like too good a chance of finally connecting with her to pass up, and in the end I left feeling much more relaxed about things and that – should the worst ever happen – I will actually be able to talk to my oncologist.

It was such a nice evening that I considered walking home, though only briefly as it was the first time I’d gone out without at least one crutch, so I hailed a taxi that was going past in the opposite direction and smiled as he did a quick U-turn to pick me up. But when I saw he was taking a different route than usual I asked him why… he seemed a bit flustered and mentioned something about traffic on the other road, but it was soon clear that I was going to also get stuck in traffic in the longer route so I asked him to let me out next to the bus station instead. There was a moment’s silence and then he said, “I’m so sorry! I missed the turn back there and didn’t want to admit it. I had a big fight with someone earlier and it’s been in my mind ever since just going round and round and I got distracted. How about I just charge you 4 euros and take you to the Puerta de Jerez? Please, do you forgive me? You seem like such a nice person the way you smiled at me as you got in and I hate to think you might think I was trying to cheat you. Okay?”  And well, I was so taken aback that I could only say “Yeah sure, okay!” and we continued on to my original destination. Just before he dropped me off I said to him “I think from now on, at least for today, you should only think about nice things” and then he said “No, I’m feeling much better now, thank you.Your smile and you being so nice to me has really made my day”. Gosh, the smallest things, eh? They can either pick you up or knock you down.

After doing a couple of errands in the centre I arranged to meet Nog for a drink at one of our old “locals”, across the street from my ex-home. It was the first time I’d walked down that street alone since moving and I found that I didn’t really miss it that much and that anyhow, now that my ankle is getting better, I’d be able to visit more often.

Meanwhile, every day at the new casa az things are getting much more organised and lots of stuff I didn’t have time to sort through before is getting thrown away. It’s always such a good feeling to check something off the list. Oh, and not only are the tapas tours picking up, but I got a call from someone I was really hoping to get as a social media client, and I’ll be giving him a presentation of my stuff on Thursday morning.

Not bad for a Monday. 🙂