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Remember back at the end of August when I had that freak operation? Well, one of the reasons I was keen to get home and back on my feet was because I had a Gourmet Tapas Tour booked for the following weekend and I really didn’t want to have to cancel it. Nog had helped me out by doing three tours during the week, but this was a Gourmet one and, well, it had to be me.

So that Saturday night – about ten days after the op – I headed out to pick up Lucy and Dave, with my “faja” firmly wrapped around my middle. It turned out that we were “neighbours” as the holiday apartment they had rented was about a three minute walk from my place, and so I was able to let them know about the best places in the barrio for coffee or a quick snack, along with the list I gave them of other wonderful tapas bars that weren’t on the tour. And, in spite of initial doubts about my stamina, I made it through the evening no problem and had a wonderful time. Nog came to pick me up at our last stop – the rooftop bar – and had a beer with us. Then we walked Dave and Lucy back to their place and headed home.

And so I was very pleased the other day when Dave sent me a link to a post he’d written on his blog The Wine Mule about our tapas tour and their other Seville gastronomical adventures. I already knew a bit about these as we’d been in touch by email during the rest of their visit, and a bit afterwards, but it was great to see the photos and read about what fun they had. And of course it was wonderful to read such a glowing account of their tour with me.

Thanks guys – it really was a great night!