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Wednesday was a bit crazy. I left home at midday not really sure where I was going to go, but then ended up in Soho. As it was getting close to lunchtime I stopped in at Rex & Mariano for a “light lunch” because I knew I had to have a seriously Fast Feast later on at Kitty Fishers, one of London’s trendiest restaurants, before heading out to a meet up of Twitter pals at the Canton Arms. The Twitter meet up had been planned for awhile, and when Jeffrey from @FoodieHub invited me to KF at first I thought I would have to choose one over the other, but since people eat SO EARLY in the UK, I ended up being able to do both. Even though I had to eat and run after having one bite – and taking a photo – of the final fab dish served at KF (and skipping dessert) it was still a great experience. Of course then I got on the wrong subway and ended up even later for meeting the Twitter gang, but in the end it was all good. Some of them I’d met before when they visited Sevilla, others I’d known for ages on Twitter but met in person for the first time. Once again the time went by too fast and soon I was making my way home, getting lost yet again. I think I should only ever take taxis in London.

kitty fishersJeffrey and fellow FoodieHub Experts…
we ate the entire Kitty Fishers menu in less than two hours