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london thursday… and I didn’t get lost once!

Probably because I walked everywhere and it was daylight. Once again I didn’t have much of a plan, though Jeffrey @FoodieHub had set me 3 final foodie challenges: to track down and eat London’s best sausage roll, best grilled cheese sandwich, and best pizza. Well, clearly that wasn’t ALL going to happen, but the Ginger Pig sausage roll and the Kappacasein grilled cheese could both be found at Borough Market, and thus a plan began to take shape. On a whim I got in touch with Twitter pal @CoteDuPy (who wasn’t able to get to our Twitter meet up) to see if he was free to meet for a quick sherry at José Pizarro’s tapas bar in nearby Bermondsey street. And he was! So we had a lovely visit and shared some gorgeous garlic-chilli prawns before I head out on my mission.

I’d always been curious about Borough Market, though my friend José has long lamented that it was no longer recognisable. And although I’d never seen its previous state I understood exactly what he meant as soon as I walked in. Yet another charming market gone upmarket. Though unlike places like Madrid’s San Miguel “Market”, at least there were still a few places you could actually pick up a few veggies, fish and whatnot, though probably at much higher prices than before it became so trendy. To be honest, if I lived in London I probably wouldn’t go back to Borough Market. Meh.

k grilled cheese

I also found these “legendary” food items to be quite unspectacular. The grilled cheese sandwich was, well, a grilled cheese sandwich. Three types of cheese, five types of onion (really just a small spoonful was added) on sourdough bread. It just tasted like lots of melted cheese, no finesse going on there. And since I knew there was no way I could eat a grilled cheese AND a sausage roll, I decided to have the roll wrapped up to eat later as a snack at the airport.

gp sausage roll

So after checking in and all that I found a seat at a bar, ordered a glass of wine and asked if I could eat my sausage roll there. No problem. Except I couldn’t eat it. After two small bites I couldn’t carry on. Talk about DENSE. And really not all that flavourful. I will give GP the benefit of the doubt that it is probably best eaten hot out of the oven and not several hours later at the airport, but still. It was super stodgy. Ended up bringing it home and even the flatmate (who is not a fussy eater) wasn’t thrilled with it. Anybody else tried this and liked it?

And that was the end of my London Getaway. You can see all kinds of photos on my Instagram, and I do hope to actually write something a bit more than these few “postcard” blog posts. It truly was an amazing week and it left me longing to go back again soon. Oh, and I got to see Tower Bridge for the first time! 🙂