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craft beer toursThe new We Love Tapas Sevilla Craft Beer & Tapas Tour is now a reality. We are taking bookings now, though it will be a bit patchy over Christmas holidays with one of our bars being closed. But by January they will be available every day except Sundays and Tuesdays. I’m very excited about this one. It all started in Málaga last summer when friends visiting from Ireland, after having discovered a great craft beer place there, casually mentioned that this might be a good idea for my tours. So the idea has been brewing (sorry) for awhile, but then came together very quickly this month with the invaluable help of the fabulous Aldara. In very quick order we’d sourced our locations, worked out the food pairings, and – most importantly – LEARNED enough about craft beer so we could share this new knowledge with our guests. It’s an interesting (and tasty) world and, like sherry, there is always something new to learn. So these tours are sure to evolve, but I’m very pleased with what we have created. Go WLT team!