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merenderoRemember that lunch I mentioned with Victor and Andrew? We went to El Merendero, located right on Malagueta beach in the landmark Antonio Martín building. After having been abandoned for many years it was transformed into La Moraga by superchef Dani García in 2010, which was then bought by another group that continued to run it as La Moraga, but without the same spirit. Recently the space was taken over by Grupo Gorki, which has transported three of its restaurants from the city centre to the beach: El Tres, Bao and El Merendero. I’d been to El Merendero for tapas at the bar, but this was the first time trying out the restaurant.

Malaga June 2016

As you can see, it wasn’t half bad! What you see up there is Málaga sausage tartare, crispy fried lemon boquerones, artichokes topped with jamón and chopped egg, and – the star dish – tuna parpatana au jus with soufflé potatoes.

andrew victorAfter lunch we stopped for a penúltima on the rooftop of recently opened Roommate Valeria. A perfect afternoon with dear friends.