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One of the most delightful & delicious “discoveries” in a very long time. When I was out having lunch with Francisco & Friends the other day, talk turned to “typical” bars that we all love, and Miguel mentioned Bar Casa Eme. Which I had never heard of. WELL… it was made very clear by everyone that I absolutely HAD to go there.

So after a long and very hot 10,000 step walk yesterday, Peter and I finally stumbled upon it, and then stumbled inside. It was love at first sight.

This bar has been run for over 25 years by Emeterio (Eme) Serrano, who does absolutely everything. He runs the bar and cooks (the kitchen consists of two small gas burners) and also sings. He is a wonder. I was actually thinking this would be one of those places where it was more about character and ambiance than the food, but in fact the food (albeit a limited menu) was fabulous. Mostly montaditos (toasted sandwiches), but he also does a mean gambas al ajillo and apparently his garlicky coquinas and langoustines (in season) are also a hit. I swear his whisky sauce, which we tried both on the tortilla and solomillo, is the best I’ve ever had.

I just loved everything about this place, from the cosy bar (there are also some tall tables outside) to the wonderfully tiled walls, to Eme himself. We started chatting after the lunch crowd had dispersed and he told me about starting the bar and also how he hoped to retire next year. At first I thought – Nooooo… I just found you, you can’t leave now!!!… but then realized that after all this time single-handedly managing quite a busy and popular bar, Eme was due a rest. But I hope to get back as much as possible before he hangs up his apron. Review coming soon on Sevilla Tapas!