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As part of Pando Restaurant’s series of “Gastronomic Schools” – educational tastings – the latest was a cheese and wine tasting, hosted by Diego Ruiz de Terry of Pando (Grupo San Eloy) and presented by Antonio Rodriguez Vacas of cheese distributors TGT group.

Peter @SVQconcierge and I were invited, along with several other local “influencers” for a tasting of three delicious, and very different, cheeses: Queso Ibores (goat), Queso Roncal (sheep) and Queso Mahón (cow), paired with white and red wines. I’ve been to several of the Pando events in the past and they are always excellent. Also – bonus! – since I moved the venue is just a few steps from my new home.

You can read the full report on the Azahar Sevilla blog.