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Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of visiting Mantúa, which had been on my “to-do” list pretty much since it opened in 2017 as it’s owned and run by chef Israel Ramos, who also owns one of my favourite places in Jerez, Albalá. I had made plans to go with friends Ann and Paul after the Harveys sherry tasting at the Consejo Regulador.

As you can see below, everything was beautifully presented, and the service was impeccable. Can’t really recommend Mantúa enough. It has the feeling of a place with real heart, and flavours that attest to the chef’s genuine love of his region. Unpretentious and about as perfect as a meal can get.

Zanahoria aliñá (marinated carrot)

Razor clam with marine pil-pil and caviar
Toast with duxelle, pancetta and truffle

Sea anemone fritter with manzanilla alioli

Marinated prawn, gazpacho, citric sorbet

Navazo vegetables, egg and chicken escabeche

Tiny squid in saffron sauce with egg, black truffle and eensy sausage meatballs

Sea bass with pumpkin and pringá stew

Quail pil-pil with manteca colorá and aubergine

Deer in spicy broth with basil yoghurt

Goat ice milk, sherry vinegar and beet root sauce

Tonka bean, chocolate, arrope

Petit four

Jonathan Cantero and owner/chef Israel Ramos (with friends)

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