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My friend Thane once joked (?) that whenever she sees these mist jets over terraza tables it makes her think of Legionnaires’ Disease. Personally, I have never liked having water sprayed all over me, my food and drink, my table, which is why I never sit out at places that do this (and anyhow, I almost never sit outside to eat). But when I passed this terraza a couple of weeks ago I wondered aloud on Twitter if this mist could be driving Covid aerosol droplets onto our faces, food, tables, etc.

And then I saw THIS TWEET (and linked article) talking about the real risk of LD being transmitted via tainted water…

Hotels Worry About Legionnaires’ Disease as Buildings Reopen From Pandemic Closures

Smaller hotels face the most risk. They may not have kept water flowing during the pandemic and might have let dangerous bacteria build up in their pipes.

The article talks about hotels, schools, offices and gyms having this possible problem. But no mention of bars and restaurants. Why not? They have also been closed for three months, if not longer, and I don’t know how many – if any – thought to go into their bars and run the water to keep their pipes bacteria free. It seems that 2020 is just one thing after another.