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hola monday

I remember when I used to like Mondays because l loved my job, enjoyed my life. I always loved that “fresh new week” feeling, so full of possibilities. But now Monday is just a reminder that another week has passed without work or friends or plans. I mean I need a plan at least, in order to have some hope again.

And okay,  l do have some plans, but not any l can move forward with at the moment (so l need new plans). And l have friends, but l can’t see them, or when l do, l can’t hug them. And the financial stress situation doesn’t allow me the luxury of boredom. Anyhow, I’ve never been good at being bored. So I am in a constant state of WHAT TO DO NEXT?? without being able to do much. Other than try to come up with a plan.

Thing about making plans is that, w​hen you’re out and about in the world meeting people and doing things, other stuff often happens as a result, and inspiration or luck can be around the next corner. ​Trust me, I now know every corner of this apartment better than I ever wanted to and… nada. There’s nothing waiting around any of them.

Anyhow, I’m sure if it was Tuesday l wouldn’t be feeling like this.  😉

I just miss my old Mondays, which then reminds me how much I’m missing everything else. And learning yesterday that we’ll be in lockdown now until May… ufff.

Today was also a turning point when I learned that a friend of mine in Sevilla has Covid. Symptoms and all. It’s the first time someone I actually know has come down with the virus. Until now it’s been someone’s friend, family member or co-worker. But this is my friend. Someone I love very much. And so now it’s personal, Covid. Fuck you. And also fuck every anti-masker and idiotic herd immunity whack job, because you are why things have gone this far, and for so long. I despise you all.

How’s your Monday going?