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dangerous woman

You wouldn’t know it to look at this innocent smiling face but make no mistake, this woman is pure danger. Or else it’s me who’s dangerous? WHATEVER… it turns out that whenever Reyes Morales and I get together we have, well, a lot of fun. Which usually means we not only end up having a lot of wine, but also lots of laughs, while sharing food and stories and just enjoying our “girl time”. This time we were trying out a new seafood tapas bar next to the Plaza Alfalfa, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better Tapas Research partner, especially because she owns her own tapas bar and knows what’s what. But mostly it’s just so much fun being with her and I always leave Reyes’ company feeling happy and energised. And it occurs to me – and not for the first time – that this is how one should always feel after spending time with a friend.