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accidental tour

This is Steven and Beatrice. We met via Kirby, a lovely young woman I’d met here a few years ago, and who now manages Steven’s organic food shop in Salt Lake City. They had come to Sevilla for a few days and I set them up with the fabulous José for a cultural walking tour (they said they didn’t want a food tour!) and so that was fine. Then on their last evening they asked if I wanted to meet them for a quick drink. A quick drink. Three hours later…

Yep, one drink at Casa Morales led to eating a plate of jamón, and more drinks, and then they told me that, although they had followed my tapas bar recommendations and had gone to Bodeguita Romero THEY DIDN’T HAVE A PRINGÁ! And so of course we had to remedy that situation and they were happy I did so. A fun and totally unexpected night out.