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So there I was just doing the usual last week when I got a call from José Andrés asking about We Love Tapas and whether I was hiring guides. Well, up until then I had no plans re: rebooting WLT. I had been thinking about possibly starting with my own Sevilla Tapas Tours in September, depending on how things went during the summer re: Covid. But suddenly there was this guy saying he was vaccinated and ready to go, and in fact had already started doing some tours with another company. So we agreed to meet up and, well, say hello to my new WLT guide manager.  🙂

Today we had a tapas tour walk-through so I could introduce him to the bars, show him the route, etc. I’ve decided to start with the Traditional Tapas Tour and maybe start offering some of the others in Sept-Oct. Meanwhile José is going to contribute his ideas for tours (he has a lot!) and hopefully we’ll be incorporating them into WLT too.

So many coincidences with JA. He’s was born in France (parents from Sevilla) but raised in Canada (Montreal) later working in the fashion biz in Toronto, so we know a lot of the same people. I mean, talk about a small world. Plus he’s about 5 years younger than me, so not a “kid”, which is also refreshing. And he’s so full of energy – it’s great spending time around him. Anyhow, wish us luck. Since last week I’ve already booked one tour for late September. Yay!