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The other day on Twitter I saw that two mutual friends, Tim and Rachel, had seen their friend Suze was coming to Sevilla and was looking for recommendations, and both of them recommended that Suze and her family take a tapas tour with me. That day Suze got in touch and in no time at all we had the tour booked. And THEN she sent me this when I asked if there was anything I should know about food preferences or allergies…

I eat meat and seafood but not fish.
My parents eat seafood and fish but no meat.
My aunt eats meat and fish but not seafood (prawns and mussels ok)

And then my head exploded. So I decided the only thing to do was Venn diagram this because I honestly couldn’t keep all this info in my head without visual help. Then I sent the diagram to Suze. Ha. She loved it.

It’s actually not going to be that difficult, only with things that people usually share (obvs). But that’s the great thing about tapas. You can either share or not, and there is always something for everyone. EXCEPT… when people have a serious allergy or are celiac. I’ve had this happen just before booking and I have to tell them I can’t take on that responsibility on a food tour. I mean, a bit gluten intolerant? No problem. But if you’re going to go into anaphylactic shock if you come into contact with a few breadcrumbs… nope. Also, vegan? Again, can’t do it. Simply because I am all about showing people Spanish culture through food and wine, and vegan is not at all Spanish. Anyhow, just saying that it’s good to know all this stuff before we get to the booking stage.