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Don’t ask. Perhaps because of all the sad stress of this week with Loki, or maybe for no reason at all, when I met up with Lucy to try out a new cheese bar (new to me, been here as long as I have – since 1993) we then ended up back at Jaylu to try the amazing jamón selection I’d missed when I was there on my birthday lunch with Peter. Then Lucy said, as she is wont to do, LET’S HAVE SOME FIZZ. Well, I don’t know what I was thinking so when I asked the barman which Cava they had by the glass he told me a couple of names and then I asked if he had any Corpinnat and he said Yes! Recaredo! Well, said I, let’s have that one! You serve it by the glass?? He said not usually but that he’d happily open a bottle for us and we could drink as many, or as few, glasses as we wanted. Ha. Too easy. And no, I didn’t ask the price. He left the bottle in a bucket next to us and said we could help ourselves. I think we all know what happened next.

Anyhoodle… who cares? It was Wednesday after all and Lucy and I realised that this was just a continuation of our Birthday Week. Plus we had a fabulous time hanging out at the bar and chatting with everyone. Much more convivial than sitting in the posh dining room, though that was also lovely when I did it in January. But I think I’ve found my favourite spot at Jaylu. Fabulous place.