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vet day

So back in January when Loki’s left upper incisor fell out, I took him to the vet’s and thankfully there were no complications. But I mentioned to Eva that Loki had been drinking more water than usual lately and she told me to keep an eye on his water consumption and come back to have a blood test done to check for kidney issues if it continued. And well, with three cats it’s pretty much impossible to know which one is drinking how much, so I put it out of my mind but it was still kind of niggling back there. My Sunny died of kidney failure so I am aware of the signs, and Loki actually tends to splash more water out of the bowl than he drinks, but I finally decided better to be safe than sorry. Anyhow a cat of Loki’s years (12 now) should be getting a regular annual check up, and so today was the day.

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the kit kat club


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I mean honestly, what sort of monster does this?? The other day my friend Tomoko @fu_yan told me that a friend of hers had found six kittens that had been left in a box INSIDE A DUMPSTER. And even though (or maybe because) he already had four cats, he brought the adorable litter of kittens home. Within a few days he had secured homes for all but two, a tabby and a tuxedo, and so… enter Tomoko. She adopted them both, her partner named them Kit & Kat, and now they are safe and loved in their forever home.

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