tasting triana with renoir guides


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triana tour 22

The day after our epic meal at Cañabota I took the Renoir boyz out for a Tasting Triana Tour. A market visit with jamón and manzanilla followed by a visit to three bars and plenty of walking around. Aside from Frank it was their first time in Triana so it was a FULL DAY in all kinds of ways. Food, drink, experiences… and tiles! Good times.

the boyz are back in town



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Richie, Michael, Juanlu, Frank & Pankaj

Can’t actually remember the first time(s) I met Michael and Frank, the dynamic duo behind Renoir Guides. Quite a few years ago now. And as Michael lives in London and Frank on the Costa del Sol we end up meeting up separately more often than together, either here or there. But this week is different! All the boyz are here, including Pankaj (who I’ve met before) and Richie (first time). And what a kick off we had. Sherry and aperitifs at Manolo Cateca and then lunch at Cañabota. And omg what a lunch it was. The last time I was at Cañabota was for my birthday in 2019 and since then Juanlu and team have garnered their first Michelin star (2021).

Funniest thing was walking into Manolo Cateca to meet the boyz and there was Sam! (of Charlie & Sam). I mean, what were the odds? Not only was he just passing through town but the last time I saw him and Charlie was on my birthday in 2019, just after my last meal at Cañabota when they met me for some celebratory cava. Mind blown.

It was an amazing afternoon, fun catching up and the food was spectacular, every bite was perfection and the wines were gorgeous. Many many thanks to the boyz for taking me out for this unforgettable experience.

Highlights from the superb Cañabota tasting menu below. Tomorrow I’m taking the guys on a Tasting Triana Tour. God help me…

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the pressure’s on!




After the initial check over with my GP two weeks ago I was sent for blood tests and an ECG a couple of days later, and while checking my BP, the nurse said it was a “little bit high” but then immediately sent me upstairs to talk to a doctor, who told me to go back downstairs and get a pill from the nurse, sit there for 30 minutes, then get my BP taken again and come back to see him. After which he told me to take my BP regularly (morning and evening) until my next GP appointment (today). This meant getting on Amazon to find a reliable but not too expensive arm-band machine which would arrive quickly. That done I spent the next ten days keeping track of my BP and got Peter to do the same. He was overdue for a check up and had actually been prescribed BP meds a few years ago, but then stopped taking them and also stopped seeing the doctor. Turns out his BP is even higher than mine!

Anyhow, went back to the GP today and my blood test results were normal other than a highish cholesterol level. Not diabetic, no serious thyroid issues, everything else looking fine. But Doc Silvia wants me to take this medication, while taking and recording my BP at home twice a week, and then see her again after 90 days. With another blood test six months from now. Anyone have any experience taking this? Enalapril-Hydrochlorothiazide seems to be a pretty normal BP med without too many side effects, but I’m always a bit cautious about taking drugs, especially if they are meant to me longish term. This getting older biz kind of sucks sometimes, but I still think it beats the alternative.

sonìa is back!


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sonia is back

I don’t remember when I first “met” Sonìa Graupera @graupix on Twitter… it was many, many years ago. Then two years ago (almost to the day) we finally met up in person here in Sevilla and I saw her again when I was in Barcelona last May. So I was happy to hear that she’d be back in Sevilla on a whirlwind trip this week and would have a few hours to meet up for lunch. Which happened today! I’ve said it before but omg I have met some amazing people via social media, and especially Twitter. And meeting them in person has never been a disappointment. I guess because we already know we have things in common. Anyhow, it was a fun and slightly frantic afternoon, but we visited a few tapas bars and talked-talked-talked and then it was time to say hasta la próxima. Nice day.