Ross & Annie


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Good times with Ross & Annie from Australia. They first went on a Sevilla Tapas Tour with me in November 2011, and are now back in Sevilla for an extended visit. Two weeks ago they did a We Love Tapas Tour with Delia (as a #tapas “refresher course”) and on Sunday we had lunch at La Sal. Really great catching up over tintos de verano and tuna Almadraba.

sunday song – you are the sunshine of my life



August 5th 1993 was Sunny’s birthday. He was born into my hands when I was living in Salamanca, and he died in my arms in Sevilla 16 years later. His name suited him so well because he had such a sunny personality, and he truly was the sunshine of my life. Such a loving and darling boy, a total pleasure to have around. Still miss you big guy… xx

settling in


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Some things are different, some have stayed the same. And some are a bit of both. The girls love napping on my cool new wheelie office chair (just like they used to on the old one). Unfortunately, nobody can see how cool it is (including me) because if I don’t keep it covered up it will get ripped to shreds in no time. Actually, the old one got ripped to shreds even with a cover on it. Oh well…

It’s fun watching these guys settling in. To be honest, I think they are really going to miss all the boxes once they finally get unpacked and everything is put away.

market targetting


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This was not a good day. And not JUST because I had to go back to IKEA 😉 , but because things got off to a weird start and then got positively exhausting.

Woke up with tons of things to do in the new Casa Azahar, and also had errands to run before a lunchtime biz meeting. Errands such as going back to Emasesa (the water company) to change the contract to my name… FOR THE THIRD TIME. I had kept forgetting this or that document, but finally I was all prepared and got the deed done. While I was there I was told that there was a last-minute opening to “empadronar” (register for the census) which is necessary to prove how many people live at my home, and which is also important because the more people living at a dwelling means you get a cheaper water rate. BUT, I had the biz meeting planned so had to forfeit the appointment – next opportunity won’t be until September, and so until then I’ll be paying a higher water rate.

Got to the meeting point early and – not having had breakfast – ordered a tapita to keep myself going. But when the person I was meeting arrived, I was told our meeting was cancelled. So I not only didn’t get the meeting, I lost a chance to “empadronar” (and save money on my water bill!), and also ended up on a bus to IKEA at the worst possible time of day (for taking a bus – HOT).

Finally got to IKEA and somehow it took ages, even longer than my previous visit, when I bought half the store. I think I was just so disheartened about how the day had been going that everything felt like like a massive chore. There was no joy in any of it. In fact, I ended up forgetting a couple of the things I’d gone there to buy, but at least I got the most important thing – a nice storage unit to act as a pantry for the extra stuff that won’t fit in the kitchen cupboards.

Then home again… blazing heat… long wait at the bus stop… was EXHAUSTED when we finally got back to Sevilla. And so on the way home we stopped in for a snack at a place near the new house that I hadn’t been to in years, and that cheered me up. The guys were so friendly, the food was nice, we had some wine…

Anyhow, I also took this photo while at IKEA, which I found amusing. A dressing room display replete with feria flamenco dresses. So very Sevillano that it made me smile. They say that moving house is right up there STRESSWISE with having a death in the family. God knows it’s been a crazy few weeks, and at times I’ve felt stressed beyond what I thought I could handle. So it’s important to find those little things that make you smile.

be cool


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So yeah, this is going on in the new Casa Azahar as we speak. My pretty bathroom has been turned into a (temporary) disaster area. Cats are not pleased. What happened was that last Wednesday – two days after moving in – the aircon suddenly stopped working. Just like in the old place last year.

The difference is that my new landlord sent a guy over on Thursday who diagnosed the problem – DEAD MACHINE – and my landlord immediately ordered a new system on Friday. Then the weekend happened, so nothing got delivered until today. What you see here is Stage One. Manuel the Magnificent showed up this evening with the new machine parts, and got to work taking out the old ones. He’ll be back tomorrow to finish the job.

It’s kind of ironic that this happened to me AGAIN, and this past week has been VERY HOT, but I’m also so pleased that my present landlord is on top of things. And Manuel says I’m actually better off because the new machine will be more energy efficient and cheaper to run. So just one more day until I can BE COOL again…