yo soy tu padre


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The other day someone got in touch with me by email. I didn’t know this person, but it turns out they come to Sevilla every spring and spend a month in Triana… and they often check my tapas bar info against their perceptions. Fair enough! This time they wanted to tell me about a new discovery of theirs, a new vermutería that just happens to be in my barrio. So of course I had to check it out.

It’s called Yo Soy Tu Padre (I Am Your Father) and the name stems from what Venezuela born owner Esteban’s grandfather always liked to say to his father, and also is in no small part a reflection of Esteban’s obsession with Star Wars. Below you can see a photo of Esteban’s grandfather, who also became the image for his logo. This is the third location and the newest. I am thrilled! Because not only does Esteban create all his vermouths from sherry wines, but they also do breakfast at this bar … with bagels! Did I mention it’s just down the street from my house? Will be breakfasting there soon, I think.

Meanwhile, how cool that someone I have never met went out of their way to put me in touch with this wonderful place. Thanks Sally!

morcilla is 5!


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This darling girl is 5 today! As most of you know she shares a birthday with the most beloved Azar (still cherished and sadly missed), born exactly 18 years after he was. It’s really because of that coincidence I considered getting another cat – it somehow seemed like a sign. So both of us were lucky, because I can’t imagine my life without her.

Happy birthday darling girl. f_love.gif

morcilla azar

singular wines


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As soon as I saw the line up for this sherry tasting I knew I’d have to attend. I was already familiar with Velo Flor by Bodegas Alonso, one of the most unique (and delicious) manzanillas I’ve ever tasted, but the Pedro’s Almacenista Selection range by Singular Wines were new to me.

The tasting was at BaQvs in the Hotel Casas de la Juderia, and was led by fellow sherry educator Luis Gutiérrez, who is also the owner of the restaurant. Along with the five fabulous wines – fino, manzanilla, amontillado, palo cortado, oloroso – we were given a  history lesson on the origins of wine making in the Sherry Triangle region, and also taken through the sherry making process. It’s clear that Luis really knows his stuff, though I would have liked a bit more tasting note info and discussion on what actually makes these wines “singular”. But it was a pleasant evening, and thanks are due to BaQvs restaurant for the organising and hosting of the event.

van gogh alive


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It’s not every day we get to have Beer O’clock in Van Gogh’s bedroom. Thanks to Pilar – who went ahead and booked tickets to Van Gogh Alive – we (Pilar, her mother, Peter and I) met up at the Pabillón de Navigación to take in the multi-media exhibit. Then it was off for a fab lunch at La Azotea Zaragoza. What a lovely day! 🙂

Pilar & Pilar

poco á poco…


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So poco á poco the cats are getting some use out of the new cat tower. Luna loves the scratching posts, and Morcilla loves perching on top looking for the toys I hide in that top bit. Of course Loki can’t fit into either of the enclosed bits, but then the girls discovered they don’t like them either because, especially when they are in the bottom one, Loki gets his kicks by cornering them inside and attacking them (!!!). Luna has suffered a few nose scratches because of this, but Morcilla – clever girl – gets away by backing out of the space and slipping out from under Loki’s long legs. But after a few of these episodes the girls have decided to abandon the bottom hidey-hole, and I can’t blame them. WHATEVER. I should have just stacked a few boxes together with cushions inside…

semana santa 2018


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Well, that’s it for another year. Semana Santa was quite a different experience for me this year as it was the first one since moving to the new Casa Azahar. From this location other processions were closer to me, so I found myself seeing a few I had never seen before. And my mission – to get a few pics of at least one or two processions each day – was accomplished. In retrospect I should have edited and filed the photos every evening because going through them all now was a bit overwhelming. Anyhow, here are some of them (unlabelled and not in chronological order)…
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