accidental lunch


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accidental lunch (1)

I was supposed to have a perfectly on purpose lunch with my friend Lucy, since our birthdays are a day apart and we haven’t seen each other in ages. But when we arrived at the bar I’d chosen (a new place being run by my friend chef Javi Abascal) it was fully booked. Should have known as it was the first Saturday since the January sales started, and also the first non-rainy day all week. After checking out a couple of other places (all fully booked) Lucy and I decided to postpone our birthday lunch for another day, preferably mid-week. To be honest, I have only been going out to eat during the week and at an early hour so I get to places before they get busy.

Anyhow, since I was already dressed and outside I decided to take a river walk, something I haven’t done in far too long. And it was lovely. Meanwhile, my friend Peter had been in touch so I told him I’d be in the Alameda in about half an hour if he wanted to meet for a beer. Then, while I was waiting for Peter (by chance I’d stopped to check my phone in front of Al Aljibe) I saw a couple of women at a table in the terrace paying up (it was 3 pm by this time) and so I took possession of the table and told Peter where I was.

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All of the Fiestas de Primavera have been cancelled for this year, well in advance (unlike last year when it was all quite unexpected and last minute). This means Semana Santa, the Feria de Abril and the accompanying month of bullfights will not be happening. Once again.

I came across these small sculptures in a shop window and thought they were interesting. Couldn’t tell if they were a playful mash-up of the various fiesta images or if there was a more serious (sinister?) meaning to them. But it also looks like a way of adapting? Since it’s unlikely we will return to how things used to be.

lovely lovely birthday!



birthday 2021 (1)

Well I think this might be the “bubbliest” birthday I’ve ever had, having enjoyed three different sparkling wines throughout the day. And, like all the best birthdays, this one started off with just the notion of a plan and ended up being one of the best days ever.

Lately I’ve been sharing wines I come across here and there with my lovely friend Reyes Morales @remogar (owner of the iconic Casa Morales) and so today I wanted to bring this gorgeous sparkling wine from Málaga – Tartratos 2015 from Bodegas Dimobe, a Brut 100% moscatel that I first tasted last March during what turned out to be my last trip before lockdown. Well, they had given me a bottle to take home and it has been in my little pantry ever since, so this seemed like a good time to crack it open. We were joined by Peter @svqconcierge and Reyes’ husband Juan Carlos, and some tasty snacks were also provided. Plus a “one for the road” glass of cava before heading to La Moneda for lunch.

birthday 2021 (2)Caña de lomo, salchichón and jamón at Casa Morales…
all Ibérico de Bellota of course!

birthday 2021 (3)Reyes Morales

Our lunch spot was pretty much decided while sitting at Morales, since I wanted to treat Reyes to lunch, and Peter was also joining us. We had a couple of places in mind but not only did La Moneda win out because of location (being a very rainy day and it’s just around the corner) I also hadn’t been there for ages, since they opened their more casual tapas bar across from the restaurant (I’m so much more about tapas). So anyhow! We got a last minute reservation and it was perfect.

birthday 2021 (5)the BEST tortillitas de camarones in town
coquinas (tiny wedge clams) in garlicky sherry sauce
fritura mixta – so much fishy goodness
(ortiguillas, gambas cristal, puntillitas, calamares, raya)

birthday 2021

Team Inchausti at La Moneda. Isidro (front of house, in blue shirt) and chefs Jorge and Conchi (far right) are siblings who have taken over the reins of their family run restaurant, and they are doing a spectacular job. Knowing it was my birthday, and since I don’t do desserts, they gave us a lovely cava as a penúltima. And in the end Reyes didn’t let me treat her – that scamp! – scooting off to talk to the Inchaustis after the bill arrived. And although I am the Queen of Tapas I am no match for Sevilla Tapas Bar Royalty. But that’s okay, I’ll get her back! We still have lots of Mallorca wine to try together.  🙂

birthday 2021 (4)

Back home I had a short snooze in my comfy chair with this pretty girl on my lap, then we did a bit of netflixing while I chatted with friends online. Later on I discovered an unopened bottle of amontillado in my pantry, so that along with some toasted marcona almonds was dinner. Damn it was a good day. Thanks to all of you who sent lovely birthday wishes via twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp. You made me feel special. xx

last lights


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last lights 2021

It’s Three Kings day, and also the last day for Christmas lights in the city. It’s a bit sad that I only got out twice to see the lights this season, but this hasn’t been like any other Christmas. On a positive note, I happened to run into King Melchor last night who assured me that in spite of the pandemic the Kings were still hard at work and would be delivering gifts to all the children and that, along with toys and smiles, they were also bringing good health, vaccines and hope to everyone this year.  🙂