new curtains!


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So now that I have been living in my new Casa Azahar for a year, I finally decided to put up some curtains, and of course it all had to be done in one day! Which almost happened. I mean, I found the curtains and rods, etc in one day, but it took a few days to get them hung. And here they are!

Why curtains now? Well, the decision was kind of forced when I found out that my crazy neighbour downstairs has been “spying” on me with the camera(s?) installed by her alarm company. We share a patio space (she gets the actual patio, I get to enjoy the light from above) and at the moment she is away on holiday. Then the other day she asked her cleaning lady to tell me that she could see from her phone (!!!) that I haven’t been closing the patio awning at midday… whaaat??

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