sun1.gif           So what are you doing this summer?

Now that summer is officially here (yes, I know I’m a few days late). Any trips planned? Special events or projects?

My ‘summer holiday’ was Lisbon … don’t think Nog and I will be travelling anywhere else for awhile, though we might take a day trip or two between now and September.

I’m planning to take advantage of there being next to nobody at the gym so I can use the fitness room as much as I want to in the mornings. I also want to do some sewing and think about a silk collection for the clothing biz. Otherwise and that, I want to read a lot and go out more at night when it’s coolish. Oh, and also paint the hallways … the whole flat could do with repainting but the hallways are especially needy.

Since I’ll have next to no work (and next to no income) it’ll be all about how to best spend my time without spending money, and feeling rested and satisfied when the ‘new year’ rolls round again. And so I’m looking for a little inspiration.