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As you no doubt recall last Thursday and Friday was spent with food writer Kalyan (@FinelyChopped) and his lovely wife Kainaz from Mumbai. They were in town for a few days and we did a Sevilla Tapas Tour one night and Flamenco & Tapas the next.

Then on Saturday I got in touch with new neighbours and professional travellers Ang & Ryan (@JetsLikeTaxis) from Chicago who are in Sevilla for a couple of months, and who had taken a walking tour with Peter last week. I was planning on checking out a new tapas bar and asked if they’d like to join me, which they happily did. And it was great getting their input as well as just enjoying a nice lunch out with new friends.

Today I met up with world travelling podcasters Linda & Craig Martin (@indietravel) from New Zealand, who have been in Spain since last spring and happened to be in Sevilla for the day with their friend Alba from La Coruña. So we went out for an impromptu lunchtime tapeo which, as usual, got a bit carried away. You can see a bit of what we got up to in that collage. Our extended lunch also meant they missed going to the two main sites they had planned on visiting (which closed at 5 o’clock). Oops!

The thing is, none of these encounters would have happened without Twitter. Amazing, innit?