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next oncology appointment

Today I had to see my oncologist. My previous oncology appointment was on November 24th. At the time I already knew my PET scan had come back clean, but had to visit the onc to figure out what to do next, having reached the all-important 5-year cancer-free anniversary. Turned out I had to have another colonoscopy done first, which also came back with the ALL CLEAR. So I wasn’t too worried going to see the oncologist today. And in fact, it was one of the least stressful hospital visits ever. There was some discussion as to whether I’d continue to get PET scans, or “downgrade” to CT scans… and so far it looks like I’ll continue with PET scans. But just once a year now, rather than every six months. So I will probably have the next PET scan early October and then see the oncologist again on the 15th (the appointment is already fixed). And… well, it feels AMAZING that I won’t be going through scanxiety again in March or April. I don’t think I’ll ever feel “out of the woods”, but this is a very welcome break.

Now I’m just waiting to have the chemo port taken out. Gawd knows I’ve been living with that long enough, along with the monthly trips to the hospital to get it cleaned out. So today I also popped over to the Pain Clinic to see where I was in line. I knew back in November that it would be a bit of a wait as those needing ports have priority over those wanting them out, and rightly so. But it looks like there are only half a dozen people ahead of me now, so it should happen within the next month or so.