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summer eatingHello July! The temps are soaring (well, kind of, still hasn’t reached mid-40s here) and eating habits also swap over to light summer-style eating. On my tapas tours people often ask what the “Queen of Tapas” eats at home. Or if I ever eat at home! Of course I do eat at home more than I eat out and, despite my appearance, I’m not actually a big eater. But I do go for the Spanish habit of making lunch my main meal of the day. Typically in summer it will be something fresh, like this arrugula, tomato and feta salad. In winter lunches tend to be a bit heartier, with stews and other dishes, which you can find on Azahar’s Kitchen. But my favourite dinner at home, any time of year, usually around 9.00 pm, is simply hot buttered toast. Comfort food.

What’s your favourite comfort food?