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shelly-mike-allen-1You know I love my job, mostly because I’ve been telling you for years now how much I love my job… but I even more especially love my job when I am asked to do sherry & tapas tours. Here are some scenes from last night’s fabulous Sherry & Tapas Tour, which ended up with three new sherry converts.

I think what I love most about these tours is that I am usually taking people from almost zero knowledge about sherry to a totally new and unexpected appreciation of these unique wines. I never tire of watching people’s expressions upon trying something new, be it jamón or some unusual seafood item, or sherry.

Unfortunately last night’s enjoyment was marred by a copycat food tour that, over the past year, has invaded all the bars I’ve been working with for years. When we showed up at our final stop for desserts and sweet sherries this group was at a table next to us, being exceptionally loud and obnoxious, and the “guide” not in control of the situation at all. I wouldn’t have said anything but my guests actually complained about them, saying how unpleasant it was having them next to us. My feeling is that – hey – there are over 3000 tapas bars in Sevilla. Can’t these people use a bit of imagination and go somewhere else, rather than just copy everywhere I go?