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bermejaleandoLos Bermejales is a suburb about a half-hour’s bus ride from the centre. It’s not a place I go to often and, when I do, it’s usually to visit my friend Pilar (who lives there). But yesterday I decided to go and check out the final day of the first Tapeando por Los Bermejales, a week-long event in which 18 local bars created a special tapa and offered it at a special price (3€ for a tapa & drink).

Peter and I had chosen a few bars from the list, based on the tapa on offer, and were disappointed when we arrived at the first bar on the list and it was closed. Another of the bars wasn’t even there anymore, just a sign saying they had moved, though it didn’t say where. Two other bars had run out of the special tapa, and another two were so grubby we didn’t bother staying. So out of the nine bars we went to, we only ended up trying three tapas. Which were okay, but nothing “special”. In fact, in most cases the regular food looked more appealing. I think if you live in Los Bermejales it’s a fun initiative, with people going to the various bars during the week (though probably best not to go on a busy Sunday afternoon). Let’s see how they do next year.