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anna-jorge-1Remember my fab Galicia Getaway last August, and how the FAB Anna & Jorge (aka @theKilomeaters) not only showed me around town, but had me over to their place for dinner – twice! – and also took me on two day trips, to A Coruña and Lugo?

Well, I finally had a chance to return a little of their hospitality when they came to town this week. Between the various family and work obligations they had, I finally managed to get them all to myself for one evening, and we had a great time. Their only request was that we go to somewhere TRADITIONAL (after a week of gourmet dining) and also somewhere near where they were staying. No problem. I chose Taberna Pasos Largos, a personal favourite for MEAT and simple food done well.

anna-jorge-2After that we took a stroll over to the Alameda for rooftop cocktails at the The Corner House @thecornerhous31 and were able to enjoy our drinks and the views before the rain began…anna-jorge-3

One of the many things I love about going out with Anna & Jorge is that nobody ever eats the food before the photos are taken  ;), and also nobody cares if we are all on our phones most of the time. We’re all together doing what we love, and I find that very refreshing.


By the time we left The Corner House the slight bit of rain we’d experienced had stopped, but the views showed an ominous sky predicting storms before too long.

During the last Galicia Getaway plans were already made for a second one next May, which I was assured was the best time to visit the bodegas in Rías Baixas. But I hope to see A & J at least a couple of times in Sevilla before then. xx