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menus-2016So THIS happened on Monday. Actually, it’s the second time I’ve been invited to this very meaty event, put on by Grupo Sagardi, experts in Basque country cooking. The Sevilla branch of Sagardi is located in the lovely Hotel Palacio Pinello, just up the road from me. As you can see, it was quite the feast, featuring massive t-bones from 10-year-old Galician oxen that had been aged for about 25 days and then grilled over oak. You can click on the image below to get a better look at it…

bueyes2016Aside from the MEAT my favourite dish was the simple char-roasted piquillo peppers, which were lovely smoky-sweet, but really it was all excellent (though I didn’t have any chocolate truffles). No need for dinner that night!

The menu (90€ per person including wine – a very nice Argentinian Malbec) is on offer at Sagardi’s until December 11th, and due to the massive size of the txuletón, they recommend booking in groups of 4.