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sylvieI first met Sylvie @sylviebigar in the spring of 2011. She got in touch telling me she was a food and travel writer from NYC, and that while in town with her family, she wanted to “escape” with me one evening on a tapas tour. So off we went on a special private tour for one, which ended up with us taxiing over to a unique place out on the inner road. Lots of fun. A couple of years later I briefly met up with her in Jerez while she was on assignment there, and we had a very quick “catch up”. Then I found out that Sylvie was going to be back in Andalucía this week, and that she had purposely taken an extra couple of days in Sevilla so we could hang out.

Hang out = tapear.

We spent two fun evenings together, visiting tapas bars and talking, talking, talking. Good times! Which we hope to repeat soon.