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The last time Ania @ania_marchlik and I got together for lunch was far too long ago, so on the eve of her heading home to Poland for the holidays, we decided to meet up for what ended up being quite an exquisite tapeo. I checked my “to do” list of places I needed to update for Sevilla Tapas and thought it had also been too long since I’d been to Cañabota. Turned out Ania had never been there, but had always wanted to go, so I got in touch with the owner Juanlu to see if there was any way to squeeze us in and, although fully booked, he found us a “hueco” before another booking for us to have lunch.

It was actually perfect timing, and we didn’t feel rushed in the slightest. The food was even better than I remembered it, perhaps in part because Juanlu is now focusing on a strictly seasonal menu. Check it out…

Afterwards we took a walk over to La Azotea on calle Zaragoza for dessert and (of course) a penúlitima. Somehow we always end up at one Azotea or another. And somehow “dessert” ended up including some crispy filo filled with cheese and prawns, and a plate of jamón, along with Ania’s choice, the lovely orange cream you can see up there. Anyhow, it was a great afternoon and my first “Christmas lunch” of the season. Looking forward to a few more, and also meeting up with Ania in Málaga when she is briefly back in Spain.