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I mean, what are the odds? Got an email the other day from a guy called Chris who said he’d been in town for the past few weeks and that he’d been making good use of my Sevilla Tapas website. He mentioned that he was Canadian and that he was curious as to how another Canadian ended up in Sevilla, so we agreed to meet up for a tapita. Well. Turns out he’s not only Canadian, but also from Winnipeg. AND that he used to go see my ex-husband’s band Houndog back in the day. PLUS he lived in Toronto the same time I was there and probably went to a restaurant where I was working at the time.

He’s also a historian, so I told him how I used to have lots of historians as lodgers a few years ago. He’s been to Sevilla about seven times over the years, and no doubt will be back. Nice afternoon. 🙂