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This seems to be my week for meeting charming elderly gentlemen. I went to update my review of Bodega San Lorenzo after hearing that it was under new management. Happily the interior of this venerable bar, founded in 1864, has remained visually the same after a bit of sprucing up (and nice new bathrooms!), along with a few changes to the menu, notably a more complete wine list.

Anyhow, while I was there waiting for my friend Lucy to join me I took some photos and ended up talking with Juan Antonio, who was enjoying a midday vermouth while reading his paper.  In a very short while I learned that he is 78 (his birthday was two days ago), has lived in the barrio for 25 years, lives alone but has a daughter who looks in on him daily, and we also touched on other topics such as exchanging birthday gifts El Corte Inglés, compression socks, knees (his are much better now, mine not so much), to mention a few. Such a lovely man!

When Lucy arrived we tried a couple of snacky things before heading to our main lunch spot, but I will definitely be back to San Lorenzo to sample more of the menu. Around midday, so that I might run into Juan Antonio again. 🙂