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Our final Enbhiga day began with a traditional breakfast at O Souto das Candeas, one of the two restaurants in Verín run by chef Begonia Vásquez(who I’d met the previous evening). Then Begoña joined us on a visit to the Wine Museum and also for a tasting at Bodega Terra do Gargalo (owned by Spanish fashion designer Roberto Verino).

Finally we were taken to Ánades Galicia, the only producer of fois gras in the region, where we were treated to a lunch of all things ducky (“jamon”, foie, breast) and wines from Vega de Lucía. Then it was back to Madrid.

This was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to visit the two D.O. regions I had missed during my last visit to Galicia in July, I also got to see (and taste) the best of Ourense province and meet some lovely people, as well as see some old friends.

Many thanks to all the organisers, and especially to Jorge Guitian and Anna Mayer who kept our group happy and – mostly! – on time. A daunting task to say the least.

Galician organisers Anna Mayer, Jorge Guitian, Miguel González