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self help
After that mostly useless visit to Emergency on Monday I have come up with THIS. I mean, the sling may be an option when I am out and about, which is hardly ever, but I just can’t at home otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything. And I’m not about to take four different drugs either, including a version of valium. Not so keen on masking the problem as I am getting to the source of it. And I mean, the doctor who prescribed all this stuff didn’t even ask if I was on any other medication, had allergies, etc. WTF.

And so, after changing the height of my desk chair over the past few weeks (nuthin) and since my arm and shoulder mostly hurt when the arm is unsupported, I have devised this method of keeping the arm supported while working at my desk, using a rolled-up towel and some duct tape (and with Morcilla supervising). It’ll take a couple of days to see if this helps, but already I can feel that it gives a me a break as the arm can actually rest on the newly elevated arm rest.

The only time I am pain-free is when I am sitting in my comfy chair, I think because the arm rests are just the right height and so both my upper back and arms are supported. It also helps if you have an extremely cute cat on your lap. Anyhow, wish me luck. Hope this is going to help.

cosy cat