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I’m gonna need a bigger handbag. I’ve noticed when going out these days that I need to carry a few extra items with me. Like a paper envelope to store my mask if I stop for a drink or a tapa. A whack of folded up paper towels to mop my sweaty brow (it’s 40º out there guys!) because I don’t think using my usual abanico is a good idea as I’d just be fanning surrounding air into my face, possibly filled with those pesky and possibly lethal droplets. Also there’s my small bottle of hand sanitizer, a pair of latex gloves, emergency sunglasses… so my usual small, cute and comfy summer bag isn’t going to cut it anymore. Especially as I have now decided to include a set of picnic cutlery.

For the most part the bars I have either eaten at or popped into to check things out have been doing things very well in terms of distancing and hygeine. My pet peeves are that some are still using the dread yellow cloth over and over, whereas the best option for disinfecting tables and chairs after each use is recycled paper towels. But the worst is that some are still serving bread and cutlery in baskets that are then reused without having been cleaned at all. I mean, this was always a gross practice, but now?? Seriously, what is wrong with people.

After a recent experience I decided I should always have my own clean cutlery in my bag just in case. And it turns out that there are lots of interesting options on the internet, including these very cute and colourful stainless steel ones by Outlery that screw together and so fit into a tiny box. But I think for now I will be putting together an assortment of teaspoon, tapas fork and dessert knife from my own cutlery at home, toss them in an envelope with a couple of serviettes and see how that goes.