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seanna-sipsAfter first meeting Seanna Yee (aka @sherrysips) last year when she visited Sevilla, I was thrilled to hear she’d be back in Jerez for an extended visit this month. You may recall that I popped over to Jerez for the day a couple of weeks ago to visit Seanna and friends, and we made plans for her to come back to Sevilla for a day.

And what a day it was, packed full of sherry, great tapas, meeting friends, cuddling cats… we even watched a sherry film El Misterio del Palo Cortado while taking a break here at Casa Az. Just like last time Seanna was a hit with the cats and she even made this short video of marvellous Morcilla at play.

So great to see you again, my dear friend and “sherry sister”. Hasta pronto! xx