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John, Peter & Finn

Unlike our first two action packed days in Granada, our final day there was entirely unplanned, other than we wanted to go back to a tapas bar that we had always loved, Taberna Gamboa. Which we did, after a nice pre-lunch walk down from the Alhambra, but we were sadly disappointed. The food wasn’t as good as we remembered and the service was worse. Gayle told us it had recently changed hands, so perhaps that’s the reason. Oh well.

Our friend John and his nephew Finn joined us for lunch, finishing with a penúltima at Alameda. In fact, Alameda was our penúltima stop each of the three days we were in Granada – somehow we never got around to actually having a meal there. But I have to say that the complimentary tapas there were some of the best we had.

Peter and I left Granada at the same time but in different directions. I headed to Málaga to continue my little holiday, and he returned to Sevilla to cat and house sit. It was a really good visit and, thanks to Peter’s planning, we got to do a few things there we had never done before.

disappointing food at Taberna Gamboa

excellent complimentary tapas at Restaurante Alameda