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I’ve only recently started playing with Instagram stories. I’ve never really understood the point of uploading content that disappears after 24 hours. But then I noticed that mostly people were uploading stuff to their stories that they also put in their regular feed, so I decided to try it. This one comes from the other day when Peter and I met up again with Claudia & Paul. They had previously been to Eslava and were disappointed (!!!) with their famous honey ribs, so we decided to go back with them. Then Claudia had said she’d seen fried rabbit ribs at La Azotea on my Instagram, and thus the Battle of the Ribs was born.

Here are screenshots of the “event” taken from Instagram stories. You can write on the photos, add emojis, gifs, etc, and you can also have people vote (or take surveys). In this case you can see that pork ribs were the clear winner. And yes, I know, I really ought to GET A LIFE.  😉