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complimentary tapasNotice that I don’t call these “free tapas” (as they are so fond of calling them in Granada). But they are complimentary, included in the price of your drink, which like in Granada, are usually more expensive than in Sevilla. I paid up to 2.80€ for a caña in Santiago, which of course is outrageous. A typical caña in Sevilla is 1.20€, though you don’t get a “free” tapa with it. To be honest, I prefer to just pay for what I want to eat without elevated drink prices.

That’s not to say the complimentary tapas in Santiago de Compostela (also in A Coruña and Lugo) aren’t delicious. Many of them are. And, as I discovered on the “Ruta of Complimentary Tapas” one evening in Santiago with Anna and Jorge @thekilomeaters, you do actually end up quite satisfied and, also, quite stuffed. As I say, I usually prefer ordering what I actually feel like eating, which may coincide with whatever bar you happen to stop into, but it also may not. But I have to say I was never disappointed with the range of complimentary tapas offered at most of the bars, and part of the experience was not knowing what I would end up eating. Definitely something fun to try now and then.