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rincon tito (12)Luis, owner Luis Barceló, Jonathan & Carmen

When you stop off somewhere you’ve never been before for a quick beer (because the other bar you were going to was closed) and end up chatting with the bar owner, then stay for lunch, and then make friends, not only with the owner and staff, but also with two couples sitting at other tables, then all of us finishing with orujo chupitos together… so much fun. Delicious too. This is El Rincón del Tito, about a ten minute walk from my house. Founded in 1982. l couldn’t believe I’d never been here before. Present owner Luis Barceló has been running it for the past 15 years. He also couldn’t believe I’d  never been here before (what?? you’ve been to Eme’s and not here??). Anyhow, review going up soon on Sevilla Tapas, and yes, I will be back here soon. Love this place! Also loved the serendipity.

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